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DRY FRUIT PUNCH-DATES - Super healthy Indian Mithai - Mriva Sweets

About Us

Although we officially began our business journey online in 2022, our relationship with sweet delicacies began a few generations ago. Even after multiple decades later, we bake and make sweets with the same love, care, and ingredients that made our sweets delicious. For us, baking sweets is more than a business; it is what our lives are all about—choosing the best raw materials, creating the finest baking environments, mixing the ingredients just the right way, and giving it enough time for baking. This meticulous process gives birth to the flawless and luscious delicacies you cherish with your loved ones during all your favorite festivals and celebrations. And you can get it in Mumbai, Bangalore, and the rest of India anywhere.

Customer Reviews

"This sweet is a blessing for our family. The irresistible taste and wholesome ingredients have won our hearts. My parents are delighted to have a healthier option for our festivities, and they appreciate how it brings joy to our gatherings without any compromise on health. It's a win-win for all of us!"

Priya M., Delhi

"I'm so grateful to have found this delightful sweet! Its squeezy and mouth-watering taste is incomparable, and the fact that it's made from 100% natural ingredients is a huge plus. My family adores it, especially my mother, who used to be skeptical about sweets. Now, she's a fan and insists on having it in every celebration!"

Rajan K., Bangalore

"As a fitness enthusiast, I'm always cautious about what I consume. This sweet exceeded my expectations! The delightful taste and natural ingredients make it the perfect guilt-free treat. I feel like a hero every time I share it with my loved ones!"

Akshay R., Hyderabad

"This sweet is a divine experience! The squeezy mouth-watering taste takes me back to my childhood days. And the fact that it's made from all-natural ingredients makes it even better. It's a true joy to share this delightful treat with my family and friends."

Sneha P., Kolkata